organise & beautify


...simplify, clarify and beautify your wedding décor with virtual wedding décor style mentoring...


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.

Now let’s make it the most beautiful too.

Future You is curled up, happily flicking through her wedding photo album.

She’s thinking...

 Your wedding dress was divine. The guest list was perfect. The wedding cake delicious. But what lingers most in your mental cherished memories folder wasn’t all of the stuff... it was how your wedding felt. 

Meaningful. Joyful. And more than a little magical. 

Sound like the dream? Sound like your dream?


I see you, stunning bride-to-be. Stalking Pinterest wedding boards on the daily, snapping up inspiration left, right and centre. Trawling the wedding magazines aisle of your local newsagency. 
And scrolling through all of the wedding hashtags to make sure you don't miss out on anything.

And slowly but surely you’re building a compendium of brilliance to fill the blank space that is – or will be
– Your Magical Wedding.

But even though you’ve collected enough inspiration to wallpaper your dream wedding venue
you can’t help but feel:

Like you don’t know where to start or how to begin planning your wedding décor.  
Like you’re drowning in a sea of wedding ‘inspo’ that, ironically, is failing to inspire you.  
Hesitant to commit (pun unintended) to a creative direction. 
Overwhelmed by the reality – and the huge task – of designing wedding décor
that makes your special day feel even more perfect. 


Surely planning and organising your wedding décor shouldn’t be this hard... right?


Now if only you could find somebody to take all of your ideas and harness it into a wedding décor style strategy that brings your magical wedding décor to life...


Hi - I’m Zoe Strawbridge: self-declared sugar addict, café-hopper, dog-cuddler and your resident aesthetics guru/wedding decor nerd. 

Through one-on-one virtual wedding décor style mentoring I can help you simplify, clarify and beautify your wedding décor style. 


I believe:

•  Your wedding should be the most beautiful day of your life  •
•  Your wedding décor gives your special day memorable atmosphere, mood and style (and great pictures!)  • 
•  You deserve wedding décor that feels meaningful and beautiful  • 
•  And that organising and planning your wedding décor doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming  • 


You have enough on your taster plate. So why not let me eliminate your wedding planning stress with minimalistic wedding décor mentoring?


What is virtual mentoring?

Put simply (because you know that’s how I roll), virtual mentoring means gaining access to me and my services, no matter where you live!


Here’s how it works:

We connect face-to-face via your favourite video platform for a one-hour style exploration session. We’ll discuss your current wedding style challenges and solve your decor-related dilemmas. Next, we will focus on how to simplify, clarity and beautify your wedding décor.

Next, I follow up our meeting with a beautifully presented guide book that will walk you through everything we discussed and illustrate the exact steps you need to design the wedding décor of your dreams.

But... do I really need a wedding décor mentor?

You might have been holding back on getting design advice because:

1.    You think it will be awkward or intimidating. (A stranger peeking into the abyss of your messy, disorganised wedding inspo? Eek!)
2.    It’s super expensive to hire someone to style your wedding space in-person. 

The solution: virtual consulting. 

No added travel expenses sneaking onto your bill! Just simple guidance for your simplified, beautified wedding. 


What you’ll get:

A face-to-face call via your favourite online video platform. 

A customised step-by-step guidebook to implement your wedding décor strategy.

A detailed floor plan to use as a visual reference guide. 

Tailored moodboards for inspiration. 


My Simplify, Clarify and Beautify wedding décor sessions - are for you if:

You are starting to think that less might in fact be more. 
You feel like your wedding décor doesn’t truly reflect who you are, your style or your partnership. 
You believe consumerism sucks and you want more meaning – not more stuff. You feel overwhelmed by all of the options and choices available. 
You no longer want to worry, stress and spend whole weekends figuring this wedding décor thing out. 
You’d rather simplified, meaningful and beautiful wedding decor than big, flashy, soul-less wedding decor. 


Is this ringing a (wedding) bell?

Curious how it works? My process is super simple. Here’s what’ll happen...


Step 1. 
Fill out this form and tell me a little bit more about your project. 

Step 2. 
I’ll get back to you within 48-hours with some homework (the good kind, don’t worry). 

Step 3. 
We’ll schedule in a session for a time that suits you. 

Step 4. 
We connect! We’ll chat about your project and I will create a tailored action plan and mood board just for you.