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Hey! I'm Zoe

Scandi-inspired and Parisian-educated designer that combines minimalism and functionality with purpose and heart.


We’ve been told that to be enough we need to have more.*


More money. More space. More gadgets. More stuff.

But what if having more was making you feel less?

Less in control. Less confident. Less connected. Less satisfied.

And what if having less ... would make you feel more?

More calm. More peaceful. More creative. More you.  

I’m Zoe Strawbridge: self-declared sugar addict, café-hopper, dog-cuddler and your resident aesthetics guru and interior/graphic design nerd. 

Through one-on-one virtual mentoring I guide women longing for more to feel lighter with less. I help them organize, simplify and beautify their spaces or businesses


“Simplicity involves unburdening your life, and living more lightly with fewer distractions that interfere with a high quality life, as defined uniquely by each individual.” - Linda Breen Pierce.


If you’re the short and sweet kind (I like your style), then here’s everything you need to know about me in 144-characters:


Scandi-inspired and Parisian-educated interior and graphic designer that cultivates simple, meaningful designs that embody minimalism with heart. 


If you’ve got some spare time, why not set aside five-minutes and immerse yourself in the journey that got me to where I am today? If you’re feeling hesitant, let me tempt you: It includes a quarter-life crisis, throwing a sledgehammer at a wall and moving to Paris for a few weeks. Intrigued? Keep scrolling. 

My Story

I won’t lie: It’s really not surprising that I was drawn into the design arena … but that doesn’t mean it happened right away. 

I’ve always been a creative soul (I dabble in music, photography and papercrafts) but when it came to choosing my University degree, I went with the safe option. The one that would get me a job – and financial freedom - rather than an artistic, but uncertain, future. 

After completing a degree in finance, I went on to – as expected – get a job and work in that field for six years. Unsurprisingly, I was deeply unhappy. I’m a natural problem-solver and I was good at my job … but my soul felt trapped. My job gave me financial freedom but it failed to provide an outlet for my passions and purpose. It failed to provide true freedom. 

I like to say that for me, my ‘real’ career journey started with another ‘r’ word: renovation. In particular, the renovation of my first home.  

Enter the sledge-hammer-into-wall part of my journey. The plot twist? Despite the hours of hard work, the sleep deprivation and lack of social life, I loved every single minute of the renovation process. 

At night, bone weary but in the best of ways, I’d flick through Pinterest and scroll through Scandinavian design inspiration. My Instagram feed was filled with crisp minimalism interior snaps and my most commonly uttered words were ‘simplified’ and ‘style’. 

I was obsessed. 

What was strange was that as all of the heavy lifting drew to a close and the interior style and personality of my home began to emerge … I started to feel lighter. Less anxious. More … purposeful. 

Enter my Parisian adventure. In June 2013 my husband and I decided to attend summer courses in Paris – I took classes in interior design and he studied at a photography school. Our time there had a profound effect on me. I told myself and everyone else that it was just a hobby … but I secretly hoped and wished that it would be much more. 

Returning home – and still buzzing from my renovation - I commenced the quarter-life crisis section of this story. I questioned my beliefs. My values. How I could live my most authentic life. I thought long and hard about what I wanted my life to look like. 

In the end, I just couldn’t live without honouring my creative talents and embarking on an adventure that would allow me to do what I love - as a career. 

I knew unless I followed my passions and crafted a career that gave me purpose, I wouldn't ever love my life. Not the way I deserved to. 

Flash forward four years, and I’m now in the (pinch me) position of being able to share my love of design with others and help them create beautiful, inspiring spaces. 

I specialise in a design style I call minimalism with heart and I work with women longing for more (more happiness, more fulfilment, more freedom) to feel lighter with less. 

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*Spoiler alert: You’re already enough. We just need to clear the clutter and simplify your stuff so your true brilliance can shine bright.