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...the secret to designing a meaningful home and a life you love...


You walk through your front door after a long, wearying day at work. You drop your handbag, slip off your shoes, close your eyes and breathe out a sigh of relief.  Finally. You’re home - in your sanctuary.

Wait. You open your eyes.

Ugh. Nope. You’re still in the same old house, stuffed with the same old, unorganised stuff.

Everywhere you look you are surrounded by it. How, you wonder, did you manage to accumulate so much that a) doesn't mean anything to you and b) isn't even pretty? 

Then you remember: you have so much stuff because you’ve been told the more you have, the happier you’ll be, That your success is a reflection of what you own.

The Ancient Greeks believed in something called a ‘genius loci’.  
Loosely translated, it refers to the atmosphere or ‘spirit’ of a place. 

Looking around at your home, you can’t help but feel as though your genius loci is either MIA or lost under the rubble of unsorted mail, mismatched furniture and general disorder.

This, your home, all of the stuff that’s meant to make you happy, just isn’t working for you, and you know it because:


Coming home makes you feel stressed and overwhelmed


You feel like you’re constantly cleaning, organising and re-arranging your home and living spaces … only to do it all  over again a week later


You feel like your stuff doesn’t reflect who you are or, your taste or what you truly value.


Your home doesn’t feel like your sanctuary. Heck, you’re not even sure you feel comfortable in your own home. 


 You have more than you need, but you still don’t feel happy and fulfilled.


In fact, you actually feel pretty frustrated and defeated.


It doesn’t have to be like this. I can help.


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I’m Zoe Strawbridge: self-declared sugar addict, café-hopper, dog-cuddler and your resident aesthetics guru/interior design nerd. 
Through one-on-one virtual mentoring, I can guide you to clear your clutter, simplify your stuff and create a meaningful, beautiful home and living space. 
I specialise in a design style I call ‘Minimalism with Heart’ (more on that soon) and I harness the principles of design to solve lifestyle problems and create a simpler, happier and lighter life. 


I believe:

Your home should feel like your sanctuary
Good design doesn’t need to be expensive
Your home should reflect and suit your personality and lifestyle

You deserve to see results (that you love)  
You deserve to love how your home makes you feel  
Everything you own and do should have passion and purpose 


The Minimalism with Heart Method


Although I love simplifying and paring back, I have to admit, I'm not a pure minimalist by any means. I do however believe in the power of decluttering - enter 'Minimalism with Heart'

The first time I experimented with my Minimalism with Heart method, I felt like my home had gone on its own yoga retreat and returned to me lighter, happier and more purposeful. 

Finally, with the physical and mental clutter of my space cleared, I gained clarity around my dreams and goals … and actually started to achieve them. 

You can read more about my story here.

Today I work with clients from across the globe and show how easy it is to simplify and enlighten your life just by simplifying and styling your home. I see decluttering and refining direct path to freedom, relaxation and gaining more time for what truly matters to you.

I can help:

•  You embrace simplifying without compromising the ‘heart and soul’ part  • 

•  You understand why simple spaces are important for our mental health and well-being  • 

•  Cull the clutter and implement easy organisational systems that work for you  •  

•  Make the difficult decisions about simplifying and styling your home  •  

•  Guide you in what furniture to invest in and which of your original pieces to keep  • 

•  Illuminate suitable colours for your home and lifestyle and guide you in choosing a colour palette you love  • 

•  Plan a space that lights you up  •  


Here's one of my makeovers...

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What is virtual mentoring?

Put simply, virtual mentoring means gaining access to me and my services, no matter where you live!


Here’s how it works:

We connect face-to-face via your favourite video platform for a one-hour style exploration session. We’ll discuss your current lifestyle challenges and solve your design-related dilemmas. 

Next, we will focus on how to clear your clutter and create simple, well-styled spaces in your home. 

Then, I follow up our meeting with a beautifully presented guide book that will walk you through everything we discussed and illustrate the exact steps you need to take to simplify your space, clear the clutter and break free from the burden of stuff.


But … do I really need a design mentor?

You might have been holding back on getting design advice because:

You think it will be awkward or intimidating. (A stranger peeking into the abyss of your messy, disorganised life? Eek!)

It’s super expensive to hire someone to view your space in-person.
The solution: virtual consulting. 
No nosing around in your home. No added travel expenses sneaking onto your bill! Just simple guidance for your simplified space.


What you’ll get:

A face-to-face call via your favourite online video platform 

A customised step-by-step guidebook to implement your style strategy

A detailed floor plan to use as a visual reference guide 

Tailored moodboards for inspiration


My Simplify & Style sessions - are for you if:

You are starting to think that less might in fact be more

You feel like your home doesn’t truly reflect who you are

You feel overwhelmed by all of the options and choices available

You no longer want to worry, stress and spend whole weekends cleaning

You’d rather live in a small, tidy, organised home than a big, flashy, soul-less house


If this is you, it’s time to design a life you love. 


Ready to get started?

The process is super simple. Here’s how we’ll roll.

Step 1.
Fill out this form and tell me a little bit more about your project. 

Step 2. 
I’ll get back to you within 48-hours with some homework (the good kind, don’t worry). 

Step 3. 
We’ll schedule in a session for a time that suits you. 

Step 4. 
We connect! We’ll chat about your project and I will create a tailored action plan and mood board just for you.