A very simple, merry Christmas

A very simple merry Christmas | Gorjo Designs Blog


The other day, my friends and I were discussing our Christmas Day plans with each other. We were all kind of saying how hectic it usually is and how there are just so many things to organise and do on the day (and none of us are even having people at our house - that would be a whole other story)! And I’m sure it’s like that for everyone. The holiday season has just become a condensed version of our “tech driven, work all hours, can’t say no to anyone” lives. 

I feel bad about this. I feel bad that back in the day, Christmas was about hanging out with family, late night drinks and chats with your best mates, crafting, making cookies for FUN and just relaxing and enjoying the summer rays. I realise that part of growing up (for most people) means letting go of some of these things… but I kind of refuse to buy into that. I kind of want to prioritise and preserve all those festivities and traditions that I hold so dear. I kind of reject the notion that I’m “too busy” to do the things I love - it just seems ludicrous! 

So, I’ve collected my thoughts on how to have a seriously rad Christmas and outlined them below. Maybe if you think it’s worth it, you could pick one or two and implement them this year - would be cool to hear about it if you do. 

1. Write a list - (or even better, create a spreadsheet)! 
This is pretty much a no-brainer. Get everything out of your head and down on paper immediately. It will give you a good overview of all the tasks that need doing between now and the big day and it will avoid overwhelm. I recently discovered an alternative to Excel that’s totally free - Google Sheets. Check it out, it’s awesome. Because it is run in the cloud, it automatically saves data, and it can be shared with others who you might need to delegate some jobs to. 

2. Buy your loved ones experiences rather than things
Some years ago, I made the decision to try to give more experience-based gifts rather than stuff. I really love giving something that will create memories rather than contribute to clutter. 

3. Bake for fun 
And while we are on the topic of doing stuff “just for fun”, why don’t you try making some cookies or a cake, not because you have to, but because it’s actually quite therapeutic.

4. Get organised before Christmas Eve so that you can enjoy it
Sometimes I think that Christmas Eve is actually way more enjoyable than the following day. There’s just something magical about it. Try getting completely organised before the 24th - relax and wind down before the whirlwind ahead. 

5. Make a gift for someone
Well of course I would suggest this! But seriously, how nice is it to give something that is handmade. It is the ultimate way to show your loved ones how much you care about them. Plus, the crafting process will force you to sit down for a few hours of quiet time for yourself. My top tip would be to make something small, simple, meaningful and something that won’t date (this follows on from the minimising clutter theme in point 2!). Even a handmade card or tag is lovely to receive - if you looking for ideas check out my Christmas printables course here.