5 myths about working with a designer

5 myths about working with a designer | Gorjo Designs blog


1. It’s too expensive
Oh wow this is a biggie. How much should a creative/designer charge for their work? I know it is something that I have struggled to get my head around since starting up my business because I was never used to doing work that I loved. For some reason, I had no problem working for companies that charged really high prices for their professional services but as soon as it came down to valuing my work, I got seriously panicky. But when I really think about it, designers should be charging some of the highest prices because you can be sure that a lot of heart, time, effort and attention to detail has gone into your project. You are also paying for a highly personalised service and specialised talent. Sure, designers are amazing problem solvers, they have qualifications and invaluable theoretical knowledge but they also have that eye for detail - some things you just can’t get out of a text book. If you’re looking for a more affordable option than in-person design consultation, maybe you could check out virtual design services like the ones I offer here. Need more info? Read this post > [http://www.gorjodesigns.com/blog/what-is-a-virtual-style-mentor]

2. They won’t get my vision
Professional designers, whether they are designing interiors, events or graphics all have one thing in common - they are great and asking the right questions, finding patterns in seemingly random collections and compiling relevant information. Your designer’s job is to get inside your head and piece all your thoughts together in a meaningful way. My fact gathering process is a two step process combining and extensive (but fun) design questionnaire and a series of visuals collected from.. Well anywhere and everywhere!

3. It will take up too much of my time
Like any other professional, a designer is there to help you. They will do the heavy lifting. But, for a design to come out perfectly, the prep must be on point. So, it is really super duper important that you are clear on what you want before the design process commences. This will save tonnes of time in the long run and it will really really help your designer out. Basically, a little effort on your behalf will go a very long way. 

4. They will only specify expensive/impractical things
A designer’s job is to solve your problem, taking into consideration all restraints including budget. Therefore, you will likely receive a mix of recommendations (for furniture, finishes, decorations, paper etc) that will range from quite inexpensive to expensive. Taking a kitchen for example, if it is important for you to have really high quality benchtops then that’s where your money will be best allocated but if it is more important for you to have a lot of great storage options then your designer will opt for a mid-range benchtop and high-end cabinetry fittings. It’s all about having a balance between the beautiful and the practical.. And most of all it’s about your individual preferences and values.

5. I can do it better myself
I’ve never had anyone say this to me (I either know a lot of intelligent or very polite people ;) ) but I do hear it bandied about online and tv a bit and I have to admit, it gets me a little flustered! Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against DIY. In fact, my virtual design services are actually tailored towards clients implementing my design concepts on their own.. But… there is a massive difference between ‘DIY with help from a designer’ and ‘DIY, completely out in the cold, no help whatsoever’! A designer is there to provide you with the master plan. A plan he/she has come up with factoring in all of her design knowledge and years of experience. It is not something she’s just whipped up after seeing some goof do it on late night tv. She knows the behind-the-scenes, she can foresee potential hurdles and she knows how to properly deal with these. A designer thinks of all those things that you never would have thought of. Trust her!