Gorjo noun, adjective, Australian slang \ gor-joe\

Design service for real people with real lives.
Abbreviation for gorgeous.
Beautiful or lovely.
Nickname my Dad gave me when I was little

Hey there I'm Zoe Strawbridge.

When it comes to design I like to be honest and up-front:

Great design should communicate who you are (and what you value) in a way that is immediately felt and understood. 

Great design shouldn’t come with a sky-high price tag and a side-serve of snobbery.

I like to think of design as the love child of creativity and functionality. It’s where right-brain inspiration meets left-brain practicality (and budgets). 

As a qualified designer and life-long lover of style I help you visually communicate who you are and what you love with immediate impact and zero fluff. 

I’m based in Adelaide, Australia and offer graphic design and business branding. I'd love to catch up in person but wherever you are geographically, I can help. 

The people who come into my world are seeking a design solution that respects their unique appeal and doesn't waste their time (or money). 

It’s probably not surprising that I think about design all the time. Gorjo is more than a business. It’s an extension and expression of me. And my super-power is creating design that is an extension and expression of you (not the latest trend or agenda). 

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I’m inspired by: people who love their work, art, nature, heritage buildings and homes that tell stories. 

I love shop windows, science, the streets of Paris and sunny days spent in cafes. 

My style is modern industrial/contemporary, clean lines with Scandinavian influence, earthy and monochromatic tones, pastels, texture and woods. 

Before I moved into design I built a career in finance. (I'm proof that creative types can be analytical and organised!)

I gained my design qualification while working full-time in finance, renovating a house and planning a wedding. (I’ve never worked so hard and never felt so proud.) 

My favourite summer (ever) was spent in Paris studying design while my husband studied photography. That summer changed my life as I realised me and design were in it together forever. 

When I’m not designing I’m dreaming about design (really).

When I’m not designing in my waking and dreaming life, you’d probably find me traveling, exploring new places, sourcing a vintage love, playing the piano or cuddling my dog baby (possibly all at once).